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Oliver Smith  -  April 2014
Given the popularity of Debian based distros - Ubuntu, Mint, etc, is there a particular reason the good folks at Roxen don't include or generate an Ubuntu .deb package?

Roxen makes such a fantastic choice for users wanting to quickly spin up a web site on a cloud server / virtual machine, except for the fact that you have to choose RedHat or CentOS or be willing to spend the time to run Roxen's ".configure", install and tweak all of the relevant packages, etc.

Each time it gets a little more tempting to learn tt2 or jsp :)
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Erik Allemann  -  April 2014
Although we would like to distrbute deb packages we currently do not have any project to do so.

In the past there was a debian maintainer of Roxen WebServer, but he or she seems to have discontinued maintaining the package since quite a while.
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