Posted by
Michael - October 2011
Yesterday, I noticed that the Roxen Web Server article on Wikipedia had been deleted because a lack of notability.
Copy and paste the link above.

I rescued the article from deletion, but do not know enough about Roxen Web Server to intelligently update the article. However, if someone doesn't update it, it will probably be deleted again.
Posted by
Martin Stjernholm - October 2011
Thanks for noticing. If I understand it correctly, I'm probably too partial to help, but I'll resend this to the mailing list to bring a bit more attention to it.
Posted by
Peter Jnsson - October 2011
Thats an article in need of a rescue mission ;)

I definitely think that it could be split into several articles, at least about the company, webserver, cms, rxml, editorial portal etc
Posted by
Matthew Hardy - September 2012
Was this rescued in time?
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