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Sascha Nemecek  -  August 2011
Hi there,

I just discovered the "Static Resource Server" module in Roxen 5.1. This sounds like a good replacement for the "Expires Header" module in one of our projects. Unfortunately I was not able to make it work. Regardless what I do, expires header and URL "variable" will not be added.

Has anybody used this module successfully? Are there any extra settings that should be considered, especially when the configuration was ported from Roxen 4?

Thanks for your inputs in advance.

Best regards,
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Martin Karlgren  -  August 2011
Hi Sascha,

Cool that you found the new module.

A few troubleshooting questions:
1. The module only works on absolute local paths - are your resources referenced by absolute paths (i.e. do the paths start with a slash?)
2. By default only <link href=""> and <script src=""> attributes are processed. Are those the type of resources you're referencing? (Otherwise the module settings can be reconfigured.)
3. On the referring page, are the link/script tags (or some other type of tag you might be using) inside a <serve-static-resources> </serve-static-resources> block?
4. The referring (HTML) page needs to run through the RXML parser. HTML pages should normally be RXML parsed though. You can test this by inserting e.g. &roxen.version; into the page and verify that you get your Roxen version string in the resulting page.
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Sascha Nemecek  -  August 2011
Hello Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Using the container <serve-static-resources>...</serve-static-resources> around the resources to be replaced did the trick. I thought this module is a filter module *facepalm*.

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