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Mathias Sodermark  -  September 2008
I have tried to set up a blog on my personal site. I have loaded the modules Blog module, Blog Component, Blog Page Comments and Blog Utilsl Component. I have added a "Blog" to my main page and point it to /personal_blog/ and I have added a Utils Component with the variant "Add new entry" and typed in the search path to "/personal_blog/".

When I use the form in the page to create a new page it works fine. I.e. if I create a new post "Test" then the page /personal_blog/2008/09/15/Test/index.xml is created. But then I can't get the post to show on the main page, in the blog listing. I have commited the "Test" but nothing shows up.

Is the blog component not working or have I missed something?
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Martin Pedersen  -  September 2008
There is a few things to consider when setting up the blog module. To start things of it might be a good idea to look through the users manual for the blog module. It is provided with your Roxen installation and can be found on the "Docs" tab in the Content Editor. Or you can use this link:

But by the looks of this it should be a matter of setting the correct path in the administrator interface for your webserver. The blog module uses commit hooks to see if anything is committed to the path entered in the settings tab for the blog module. Therefore, you might need to commit your files again for everything to run as planned.

Good luck!
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Mathias Sodermark  -  September 2008
Yeah, when I added the path to the blog in the module settings in Admin Interface I got it to work.

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