Posted by
amccarthy  -  March 2012
Hi  folks,
Having a really simple problem with Roxen, I have followed the manual instructions for this,
"dump AC to a file using the "Create Dump" button in the Access Control Main module, copy the resulting acdb file from its .sb directory to the new .sb directory and use the Load Dump button in the new AC module."
I  cannot find the load dump button in the content editor?
am I missing something do I need to install an AC module in the web administrator interface? If anyone can give me a screen shot of this issue or could help me out with this I would very much appreciate it,
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Erik Dahl  -  March 2012
It's in the administration interface. Focus on "Access Control: Main" module, there are a couple of buttons there. And among them are "Load dump".
Posted by
amccarthy  -  March 2012
it's ok found it!
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