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Erik Allemann  -  March 2012
Just wanted all to know that Roxen CMS 5.2.191-release1 is out. The full CMS changes document is available for all with a Support Extranet account.

Some highlights:

Labels: Track changes in a site repository by assigning labels to collections of files at certain timestamps. You can then export/import labeled files, revert back to a previous label and generate change logs based on changes between two labels. This new feature requires a license key to activate.

New History wizard replacing the old Log wizard. It gives access to changes globally or locally in a repository and allows quick browsing as well as detailed views.

Forms & Response v2 is a significant upgrade of the existing Forms & Response module. The new implementation supports client-side form validation in JavaScript as well as creation of conditional form elements.

There are several new page editor components for YouTube, Kaltura and social sharing.
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