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Peter Jnsson - September 2008
Using the newsletter module to send bulks of emails is really a breeze. The approach in roxen to first create a webpage (or really a XML-page) and then converting this into an email just seems so much easier than all those email softwares that goes the other way around that is making an email and then tweaking it into a webpage for browser viewing too.

Today a client sent their first test-newsletter to a modest list of some 40 000 addresses. Roxen simply and very nicely popped away those emails in just over 30 minutes, a pace set to keep the smtp server used quite happy too!
Before the last emails were away we begun to see how emails were opened  and links within them clicked on in the statistics part of the newsletter database (statistics aren't fully available in the module itself yet but it is pretty easy to implement using xslt and rxml in a few files without even altering the existing database).

So for the little tweak part...
The newsletter module really works but when we imported all 40 000 subscribers from a list taken from another database the [newsletter-subscribe]-tag seemed a bit slow.
The problem seemed to be that the column for the adresses in the subscriber sql-table lacked an index and hence forced a rather slow query to be performed for a duplicate check on each insert.
A simple create index altering of the table was enough to solve this issue. Roxen support has addressed this small problem already and a module update should be availabe within days.

Have you used the newsletter module on your site or is interested in doing it, it would be nice to hear your story here on the planet too. Since the developers reads this forum too it's probably a great place to discuss coming features and suggestions too.

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Erik Allemann - October 2008
Just a quick comment from Roxen Support:

The index tweak has been added and will be included in the next maintenance release and will also be included in 5.0.

Thanks for spotting that Peter! :)
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