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Peter Jnsson - February 2011
Just wondering if anyone have uppgraded to 5.1 and what your impressions and experiences are. I'll guess that there are quite a few of us who would be interested in your thoughts about anything from inside-editor look&feel to cache management ;)

Have been quite busy myself and only gotten around to update a lab-machine but, ehh, well it just installed and run as expected. The new default compression feature seems to work fine and the updated Cache Status admin page looks really useful even though I haven't gotten around to use it in any depth yet. And then there is about a ton of other stuff in the changes document...
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Erik Allemann - February 2011
We've had 5.1 running a while on :-D
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Arjan van Staalduijnen - May 2011
Our website (RTL.NL) has been running 5.1.185 for some time now. The 5.1 version performs better than 5.0.449 (which we were running under the new cache settings and with HTTP compression already).

The HTTP compression feature results in a website which builds up faster for your visitors, even if they already have a very fast connection.

The 5.1 version is more reliable and you can have better control over the amount of memory in use.


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