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Marcel Beumer - August 2010

I am a front end developer and I need to edit out my js, xsl and css files using the Application Launcher (Mac, Roxen 4.5). I takes a few seconds between saving the file and the moment the file is uploaded on the server.

As I am used to instant cmd-tab-<reload>, I would like to shorten this 'timeout' as much as possible.

* Is there any way to speed Application Launcher up? It has no AppleScript support, and an Automator playback to press 'force upload' is too slow.
* Or; can I post back the files I am editing by writing some custom code doing a HTTP request or two? I noticed I have all necessary info in the stub file, but I don't know where and how Application Launcher posts the data back. It does seem to be a regular HTTP(S) POST request. Does anyone know what it does exactly?

Any tips or insights are appreciated. Waiting for 3 seconds between a JavaScript change and reloading the browser is just too long for me.

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Peter Jnsson - August 2010
This is a really good question, hope someone at roxen can answer it.

As an alternative to the app-launcher it is possible to use a webdav connection. If I remember correctly OS X can mount the roxen filesystem directly in Finder with webdav That way I'll guess you would get instant save:s
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