Posted by
Adrian - October 2008
Hello, there is any possibility to create a website using php and xml and after that to integrate it into Roxen CMS ?!
Posted by
Mathias Sodermark - October 2008
Possible yes, but not optimal. Roxen CMS has its own scripting language called RXML that is very easy to integrate into XML or HTML.

RXML can be used to interact with databases, check for browser version and even create bitmaps from text to use as buttons etc.
Posted by
Martin Pedersen - October 2008
Is there a particular php-app that you would like to run? Maybe we could suggest another solution for you...
Posted by
Matthew Hardy - October 2008
Early install instructions - best on debian or osx with experience of fink.
(Note this is 4 years on from Version tracker... maybe we can put another notice when new roxen 5 released. This is a great place to promote software)

The Roxen newsgroup had an update for php5 thanks to Eiichiro ITANI - Grubba notified an update for this in R4.5 so the actual patch is not needed now. Compile php5 on OS X for cli (command line interface) and set up redirect and you will be away.

I have run all php apps pretty much without hiccup using cgi.
phpmyadmin, paypal IPN scripts etc etc...

Here it is for cut paste - Debian Etch.

apt-get install php5-cgi php5-cli php5-gd php5-mcrypt php5-mysql php5-pspell

Roxen - set up a standard site.
Then add modules...

Redirect - use pattern:
/([^\?]*)\.php(/*)([^\?]*)(\?*.*)$   /cgi-bin/php/$1.php$2$3$4

CGI scripting - use location:

Path Info support

"Note that the redirect calls for php - either change this to the location of the php5 you have or go to...
cd /usr/lib/cgi-bin
sudo "remove any symlinks"
sudo ln -s php5 php

"Set up a file in the new site and test with <? phpinfo(); ?>
You should now see a php info report.
Run phpmyadmin / fckeditor with php file manager / your own Facebook ripoff...

Please add comments if I missed something.

Warning: Health Hazard - Don't look at the php code when you are in there to prevent blindness :)

errata: I tried this out - thank you planet.roxen, and found that the php code was faulty. <? phpinfo(); ?> works...
Posted by
Martin Pedersen - October 2008
Wow! That's really cool. This is excellent stuff for the Share section... Which will be online very soon by the way!
Posted by
Matthew Hardy - December 2008
Can I suggest Roxen WebServer?
Is there a particular php-app that you would like to run? Maybe we could suggest another solution for you...

Posted by
Matthew Hardy - June 2009
Has anyone managed to get these php setup tips to run with Roxen WebServer 5?
So far all previous known methods are failing, closest I get is cgi script header not correct.

Perhaps redirect has been changed? Well, it is new...
Posted by
Matthew Hardy - June 2009

I believe this was an issue with known ssl bug and cgi. I still have not tried to get to work as of 403. Waiting for next release due to other issues... Will advise once working.
Posted by
Matthew Hardy - October 2009
finally got around to php as cgi on roxen 5.0.403 and it now works over ssl. cheers.
Posted by
Peter Jnsson - October 2009
Thanks for sharing, keep posting :)
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