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Matthew Hardy  -  September 2008

There will be a group of Pike developers and users in Berlin meeting up to share, discuss and learn more about Pike projects, tips, tricks and techniques.

We expect attendees from US, France, Denmark and Germany.

This is an informal event but if you find the time to come to Berlin, please email for more information on the location and timing.


Posted by
Erik Allemann  -  September 2008
Sounds very cool. I hope you get a good group together.
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  September 2008

Localization discussion
Fins - MVC programming

Activities... Day 1-3
- Write simple pysc server, set up Dojo and start using bayeaux protocol to connect to psyc server.
- Watch Fins demo
- Install Roxen WebServer, Install Caudium using Fink.
- Install Fins, and other modules using Monger.
- Linking up Roxen/Caudium with Fins for mount points.

Social... Day 1-3
Dinners: Indian, Italian x2
Movie: 24hr party people at local underground cinema
German Beer tasting at Pike Base Camp

Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  September 2008
Fins runs using a protocol Pike in Caudium (Roxen modifications to do tomorrow). We are chaining in the Psyc server via Fins for this project.

Dojo - Bayeux...
So far there is a hold up on having to use a debugging on Dojo javascript techniques. New debugger from WebKit.
No one on the Net appears to be able to deliver a working Bayeux protocol example yet, perhaps we will deliver by tomorrow.
Posted by
Martin Pedersen  -  September 2008
Moved the thread to the Pike forum.
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  October 2008
Solved the actually poorly documented dojo/bayeux issue.
So, now we have server/client talking with packets sending nicely.
Functions completed so far: connect(init), subscribe(to Room) + publish (Send data).

Once completed this should get some packaged module I believe...
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  October 2008
Thank you to all the Pike programmers who participated in this meet up.
There were many very interesting issues discussed, practical work demonstrated, group programming, some German beer sampled and compelling new projects formulated...

See you next year, if not before!
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  October 2008
Good idea!
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  December 2008
I can't remember what this good-idea was referenced to...
But, I am sure there was a good idea in there somewhere...

Good idea!

Posted by
Martin Pedersen  -  December 2008
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