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Matthew Hardy  -  September 2010
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Matthew Hardy  -  November 2010
A quick post to say a big Thank You to all the people who helped make this years Pike conference a success. The conference was in Berlin, 18+19 Oct.

We heard about the incredible effort put into the conversion from CVS to Git for the Pike source, thanks Grubba.

Bill was absent due to missing his flight from the US, but he presented the really very cool Pike - Objective C bridge. And a working currency converter on his OS X desktop. We were not sure what the rules are for publishing an iOS app with a Pike runtime included, but the concept of developing in Pike for OS X desktop environment was well demonstrated.

We saw a new Javascript interface environment JTK, that amongst other things, implemented the Realtime connection features in action (connecting to a stand-alone Pike server) - Meteor was published originally in YakityChat by el and Webhaven. You can download and try out the Roxen Modules from this forum that enable realtime channels for browsers - Get that content pushed to your customers...

There was also a product announcement and demonstration (pre-alpha as it turned out) which detailed a new open source content management concept for people wanting to run Pike 7.9 and Roxen.

Discussions also included performance enhancements in Pike, general usage of Pike, Roxen modules and other minor topics like HMAC - which is very cool btw.

Berlin proved to be a good place for a conference being an easy city to get around, many quality restaurants, and truly friendly people willing to help out. Special thanks to the Crypt.

Also, a good thing to note, if you are in Berlin, check out a Zuse computer replica Z1 - one of the earliest binary computers, all mechanical. Very interesting.

We even spotted hand made ram, which as it turned out, being 40 years old, was clearly faulty.

As a footnote, there were some comments thrown around (starting with Bill who indicated he had already planned a trip to linköping next year) that we could expect the 2011 Conference to be in Sweden... We all look forward to this and hope it will help facilitate more personal interaction and engagement for Pike users and developers alike.

See you all in 2011.
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