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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
Greetings all,

As you all know I am a keen participant in Pike conferences, or if you will, meet ups. In the last 5 years, these have included discussions or demos of Pike projects and general interest subjects for Web Based systems.

I'd like to open up a general discussion on what interest levels will be for a mid-late October meet up for Pike users, in Berlin. It's basically a lot more affordable than Copenhagen, or New Zealand for that matter ;) but also pretty central to everyone currently expressing interest in the idea.

Further to this idea, I'd like to propose a new meet up concept where Pike users can extend the opportunity for participation to a more diverse group of people. For instance: web designers, developers and others interested in applications that combine with Pike in some way, ie. educators or entrepreneurs...

The concept will naturally require a bit more organisation, in a structural sense, to include more diverse sessions that could include workshops with real world projects, hands on development with various Pike API systems, ie. Roxen WebServer / YakityChat (ppp)... But the opportunities to establish greater rapport with people from different parts of the world would be as brilliant as usual.

The idea opens a number of possibilities...
1. New Pike developers can see and learn from more experienced ones.
2. Web-developers can meet and discuss the merits of Pike, as opposed to say, Java or Python.
3. Web-designers can see and learn how Javascript/Pike and Mysql are actually a perfect development environment, as opposed to, for example, Javascript/PHP/Apache and Mysql...
4. Development opportunities, where developers/educators and entrepreneurs can combine talents and leverage off each other in helping to make sustainable systems for various interest areas or industries.

This is just off the top of my head... The list goes on...

So, if any of the members or readers of Planet Roxen would like to input some energy, I am an very open to talking more about your own ideas, and how you might like to input into the project, as well as share the other items I have on the programme so far.

Please comment here on the forum, or email me direct.
Or, call me: +4561666779 from 8-5pm GMT+1

Hear from you!

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Matt Hardy
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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
One point, I can't see how a more diverse programme would preclude Core Pike Developers from attending and setting up specific sessions, as we did in Copenhagen 2007.
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Bill Welliver  -  August 2010
I'm certainly game for such an event. I find it's always interesting to catch up with folks and find out what kinds of projects are going on outside of my own little sphere.

What do you suggest the next steps might be?
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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
What do you suggest the next steps might be?

We are to establish date discussions first, by end of next week I think we'll get some idea of likely dates, in October.

Certainly a dedicated website will appear in the near future too with official notes.

Email me direct for any personal votes of date preferences...
And any material that you would like to appear on the programme, etc, as per previous years.


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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
What do you suggest the next steps might be?

We have started discussions on a Monday-Tuesday meetup.
18-19 Oct
25-26 Oct.

Any further comments, please add.
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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
We have so far had some input on dates.

After some discussions,  the 18+19 October have been preferred.

So, we will organise and host a Pike and 'associated applications' meetup in Berlin.

I will construct a site, registration forms and programme asap - and will post once live.

In the meantime please feel free to contact direct.

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Matthew Hardy  -  August 2010
Site now live, information coming.
Dates confirmed - please subscribe to RSS or via email or twitter to follow the progress.

See you in Berlin!
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