Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  September 2008

If you are in Copenhagen 4th October 2008, please drop by the stand.

- See a Fins application talking to MySQL - without writing SQL.

- See a simple Psyc server answering a client connection over HTTP using:
Dojo and Bayeux:

- See how you can add Pike modules to Roxen WebServer for your dynamic website.

Posted by
Martin Pedersen  -  September 2008
To bad I have to be in Linköping this weekend. Otherwise I had plans to visit my parents in Scania, that's just a bridge away from what seems like an interesting conference.

Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  October 2008
We had a good number of people stopping to talk with us about Pike / Roxen, Fins, Demo's hilfe. Simple demo of CSV module - a good practical module example.

 Ninna and Mike on the Pike stand IMG_3176.JPG (177.3K bytes)
 Matt waiting to demo some Pike apps IMG_3172.JPG (174.8K bytes)
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