Posted by
Martin Pedersen  -  September 2008
First off, a big thanks for a great User Conference in Stockholm last week. It was great meeting you all. Nice to finally get a face on all of the names.

We are very glad that the community got so much attention right away with a lot of users registering this first weekend of operation.

Please help us to spread the word and let the folks that missed the event last week know about the site.

Also, please comment on the site and let us know what you think. We have a couple of ideas and will try to find time to implement them as soon as possible. But we would like your input, since this site is for you to use!

Once again, thanks for the great UC2008!

Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  November 2009
Over 1 year and counting...
Posted by
Martin Pedersen  -  November 2009
Yepp. Thanks for your support so far. We are close to finishing the work on some new features here on Planet Roxen. Keep your eyes open. :)
Posted by
Matthew Hardy  -  November 2009
like a chat module? ;)
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