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ITANI Eiichiro  -  August 2011
Aren't there way to stop RXML parsing and chop off rest of page?
I'd like know if I can stop RXML evaluation from nested frames.

After I decide to redirect UA somewhere, or no more SQL thing
needed for a situation, to avoid needless CPU consumption,
I will write like below:


Some processing...

<if somecondition>
  <if variable="var.do_rediect">
    <redirect to="&var.do_redirect_url;">
    <set variable="var.stop_eval" value="true"/>

<if variable="var.stop_eval is true" />
  Other processing...

To keep if/else balanced in RXML sometimes become pain and
source of mistakes.  So if I can, I'd like to write like:

<redirect to="&var.do_redirect_url;" />

On an other situation, I'd like to use 'exit' from user defined tag.

Can it be possible?  It's ok using <?pike?> if it can be.
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Martin Stjernholm  -  August 2011
I think the closest you get are the <throw> and <catch> tags. Note though that they are a bit unfriendly on the rxml p-code caches, in case you have any of that in use.
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