Nov 25, 2017


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Hm, seems the dot was added to URL. The Issues are located at:
Ok, thanks for the feedback Chris! If you have Github account you're welcome to report an issue at If not, I'll try fix it for the next release anyway. Cheers!
Excellent! Great work Pontus. I had to make a change to the in the po dir as it was pointing to: /home/poppa/src/ral2/install-sh
Good to know someone other than me is using it :)
My though with three separators is that you then can have full width content, then two column content, then full with content again. I guess with two separators the two column layout will have to stretch to the footer. But when I think about it its quite rare that you want e.g. 1 col width, 2 cols width, 1 col width. In those case it's probably easier to just hard code the column layout in the XML file ;)