Feb 24, 2018


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Hm, seems the dot was added to URL. The Issues are located at: https://github.com/poppa/Roxen-Application-Launcher/issues
Ok, thanks for the feedback Chris! If you have Github account you're welcome to report an issue at https://github.com/poppa/Roxen-Application-Launcher/issues. If not, I'll try fix it for the next release anyway. Cheers!
Excellent! Great work Pontus. I had to make a change to the Makefile.in in the po dir as it was pointing to: /home/poppa/src/ral2/install-sh
Good to know someone other than me is using it :)
My though with three separators is that you then can have full width content, then two column content, then full with content again. I guess with two separators the two column layout will have to stretch to the footer. But when I think about it its quite rare that you want e.g. 1 col width, 2 cols width, 1 col width. In those case it's probably easier to just hard code the column layout in the XML file ;)