Email verification in vform

2008-09-19, 15:29 by Erik Dahl in RXML/XSLT

How it works:

  • Verfies the email adress according to string patterns. Valid email string patterns could be of this format and probably many more:
    • Erik Dahl <>
    • Erik Dahl <"">
  • Verifies that the domain part of the email address has a MX record - meaning that the <vinput type="email"/> does a domain name look-up.
  • Domain name look-up can be disabled in the tag using the disable-domain-check="yes" attribute in the <vinput/> tag.

Code example:

  <vform method="post">
      <label for="e_mail">Email</label>
      <vinput type="email" name="email" id="e_mail">
         * Incorrect email address
      <input type="submit"/>
      <span style="color: green;">OK</span>


Can you use + sign in verfied input tag (<vinput/>)?

I got this question on the Roxen User Conference while talking about the Newsletter module.

Yes it will verify if you the user supplies

It was a valid question since apperently this format is used in order to directly mail coming from the subscription of the newsletter in separate folders directly.


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