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2008-11-03, 13:09 by Martin Pedersen in racing

Roxen is once again entering the world of motorsports. This time we have put together a team of employees to participate in a local Go-Karting league. 

Preparations has been comprehensive through the last couple of months with hard training and scrutinizing of the short in-door track in Hackefors, Linköping. A lot of free time has been spent hunting for those last hundreds of a second. 

Currently the team is preparing for the first of three series races that will be held tomorrow, the fourth of November.

For more information please visit:

Feb 24, 2018


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Looks warm and nice! :)
Now we have uploaded a few short movies as well :) http://planet.roxen.com/resources/roxen-racing/first-race/
Pontus, you never know. We might need some redundancy. You should tag along and come try the track with us! :-)