Great success for REP at IFRA Hamburg

2010-10-05, 00:21 by Jonas Wallden

Updated! More pictures from Tuesday added below.

The eye-catching Roxen booth at IFRA Hamburg has been crowded more or less constantly during the expo's opening day. Our two demo stations have been attracting visitors from all parts of the world. This day represents the launch of Roxen Editorial Portal v5 which contains our new write-to-fit functionality, and with this addition a REP user gets immediate story previews as performed by InDesign Server using nothing but a web browser on the client side. Other notable enhancements in version 5 include integrated spell checker, rich-text support and a secure WebDAV file-sharing service that removes the need for VPN connections for remote REP users. Today's demonstration included the use of Apple's iPad in a workflow where the same story is distributed to both web and tablets.

The fully web-based communication model in Roxen Editorial Portal also provides the foundation for our new cloud-based REP-as-a-Service offering. Our customers can now run REP in any of Amazon's data centers globally. This means you only pay for the hardware capacity you require at the moment and eliminates the need for a local system administrator that keeps the servers running.

Pictures from Monday

Distinctive black/orange design makes the Roxen booth impossible to miss.
Roxen representatives Ricard Dzunic, Per Östlund and Martin Jonsson.
Per and Richard again, this time with our large-screen TV in the background.
The big Roxen R is visible from far away thanks to its strategic placement.
Per Östlund and Jonas Walldén outside the expo halls in the chilly morning.

Pictures from Tuesday

The famous Hamburg TV tower as seen on the way to the expo.
The Roxen iPad application running online with the REP and CMS demo.
Chris Kitchener and Mike Zahorik of Adobe visit us for a demo...
...together with their colleagues Ken Toole and Roger Risdal.
Jonas giving another demo.
Just like the first day both demo stations were occupied most of the time.

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