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IFRA Expo 2013 Berlin

2013-10-08, 10:29 by Jonas Wallden

This week Roxen participates in IFRA Expo 2013. Those on location can visit us in booth 4.2.400, and the rest can check this page for pictures during the coming days.

Learn more about our products that we showcase at the expo!

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IFRA DagsVara 2013

2013-02-11, 14:24 by Per Ostlund

Roxen exhibited and debated at Nordic IFRA event DagsVara Jan 31-Feb 1 in Stockholm


2012-11-13, 14:59 by Jan van der Veen

Roxen at the Uitgeefdag 2012

Roxen exhibited and presented about their multichannel solutions in the Hague at the Nationale Uitgeefdag 2012.

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Ifra Expo 2012 Frankfurt

2012-11-13, 14:50 by Jan van der Veen

Sweden-based Roxen is offering demos of the company

The company's product offering consists of Roxen Editorial Portal, a web-based editorial system for publishing in print, online and tablets. Roxen News Website, an out-of-the-box news website, and Roxen CMS, the content management software beneath it all, suitable for demanding online propositions. Roxen has offices in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the US, and has customers around the globe.

Ben Shaw on REP

2011-10-12, 13:47 by Erik Allemann

How should newspapers of today take on the challange of the new digital trends spreading across the globe? These are topics that Ben Shaw discusses in his presentation "Shifting From Newspaper Mindset To Information Perspective". 

His presentation covers the trasition from a traditional newspaper to a need for  "a new technological approach to serve as catalyst to real change".

Pictures from IFRA

2011-10-12, 11:11 by Erik Allemann

Roxen Internet Software has a nice spot at IFRA i Vienna. We were fortunate enough to have Adobe as backdrop, which is one of our partners.

Roxen has been featured in the IFRA blog both in combination with Metros iPad app (which we provide) and as commentary on the tablet market in general.

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Ben Shaw on tablet opportunities

2011-10-11, 09:42 by Erik Allemann

Ben Shaw from Shaw Media is at this IFRA Expo in Vienna (10-12 October). He gave a presentation on Shaw Media's view on the Tablet phenomenon and its opportunities. The presentation covered the reasoning, strategy, and traffic patterns as well as a preview of the Sauk Valley tablet site. Ben also touched on monetizing tablet traffic.

Adobe CS5 Tour in Sweden

2011-05-02, 17:52 by Jonas Wallden

Today and tomorrow Adobe is touring Gothenburg and Stockholm with a half-day seminar called CS5 Creativity Evolved Tour with Roxen as one of the participants in the expo area. If you visit the Stockholm session tomorrow, don't hesitate to come by our table and have a look at the latest Roxen Editorial Portal and Roxen CMS solutions.

Adobe CS5 Creativity Evolved

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Roxen at Multimedia Key Exec Conference

2011-02-23, 16:32 by Jonas Wallden

Roxen is visiting the Multimedia Key Executives Conference in S:t Petersburg, Florida this week. We are here to show our commitment to the US market and network with the industry. It's the first time that Inland Press Association, SNA and SNPA run a joint conference and it's been a great success with sessions on print, mobile, advertising and social media.

Florida this time of year is an excellent place with pleasant weather. The conference program included a wonderful evening visit to the newly opened Salvador Dali museum.

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KPwebben awarded for best children's website

2011-02-11, 16:17 by Jonas Wallden

KPwebben has been awarded a gold medal for best Swedish children's website 2010 by IDG Internetworld. The site runs on Roxen CMS since many years and has been built in cooperation with Roxen's consultants. Congratulations to KPwebben for their achievement!

Great success for REP at IFRA Hamburg

2010-10-05, 00:21 by Jonas Wallden

Updated! More pictures from Tuesday added below.

The eye-catching Roxen booth at IFRA Hamburg has been crowded more or less constantly during the expo's opening day. Our two demo stations have been attracting visitors from all parts of the world. This day represents the launch of Roxen Editorial Portal v5 which contains our new write-to-fit functionality, and with this addition a REP user gets immediate story previews as performed by InDesign Server using nothing but a web browser on the client side. Other notable enhancements in version 5 include integrated spell checker, rich-text support and a secure WebDAV file-sharing service that removes the need for VPN connections for remote REP users. Today's demonstration included the use of Apple's iPad in a workflow where the same story is distributed to both web and tablets.

The fully web-based communication model in Roxen Editorial Portal also provides the foundation for our new cloud-based REP-as-a-Service offering. Our customers can now run REP in any of Amazon's data centers globally. This means you only pay for the hardware capacity you require at the moment and eliminates the need for a local system administrator that keeps the servers running.

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Roxen site awarded!

2010-03-24, 17:28 by Jonas Wallden

IDG / Internetworld yesterday evening held a prize ceremony at the conference Webbdagarna where they handed out diplomas to winners in the past year's tests conducted by the magazine.

Roxen ranks first in a recent test – published in the February 2010 issue – which evaluates web sites among CMS vendors. The www.roxen.com site scores 9 out of 10 and the magazine is particularly impressed by the easy access to information and the graphical design.

On location to receive the diploma was our new CEO Per Östlund together with Marcus Agehall from the R&D team.

Roxen's press release

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Roxen Racing

2008-11-03, 13:09 by Martin Pedersen in racing

Roxen is once again entering the world of motorsports. This time we have put together a team of employees to participate in a local Go-Karting league. 

Preparations has been comprehensive through the last couple of months with hard training and scrutinizing of the short in-door track in Hackefors, Linköping. A lot of free time has been spent hunting for those last hundreds of a second. 

Currently the team is preparing for the first of three series races that will be held tomorrow, the fourth of November.

For more information please visit:

Developer Zone at UC2008

2008-09-19, 12:32 by Tomas Brimor

High-performance web sites

Martin Stjernholm talks about High-performance web sites during one of the Developer Zone sessions.

It was very exciting and fun that so many were interested in our Break-out sessions and Developer Zone sessions. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I do.

Our support manager takes the stage

2008-09-18, 17:26 by Martin Pedersen

The user conference continues...

... and this time we would like to share this photo of our support manager Marcus Wellhardh!  

User Conference is up & Running

2008-09-18, 14:06 by Martin Pedersen

The 2008 User conference is up and running. We are halfway through the first day of two. 

So far we have seen a keynote by Jan Paul Dekker of RTL, a presentation of the position & direction of Roxen Internet Software by Staffan Ekholm as well as a presentation of the new CMS version 5.0 by Jonas Walldén.

A lot of interesting speakers are up for this afternoon. More on that later.

UC 2008 Preparations

2008-09-17, 11:46 by Marcus Wellhardh

Erik, the host for the event, is writing cue cards.

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