Feb 24, 2018


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The library is a drop-in replacement for libjpeg so I don't think I did much aside from having the library search path point to the correct location. Nowadays we build it automatically in our build system so I don't have a minimized build command handy, but if you experience any issues I can dig deeper and hopefully find some clues.
This is a bit unrelated but how exactly did you compile ImageMagick with libjpeg-turbo on Mac OS X.
Now you mention replacing image libraries... This could enable support for animated PNGs in Pike, similar to animated GIFs http://animatedpng.com/ ... seems to be supported by at least Firefox and Opera (and people are asking for it in Chrome, if not already there?)
As for some gpu-supported enhancement, the page at http://shader.kaist.edu/sslshader/ describes a research project where a group of people achieved a 2 to 4 times gain in SSL performance by offloading RSA, AES and HMAC-SHA1 calculations to a gpu. Could be some nice food for thought for more of these enhancements.
Wow, that's an impressive gain! I've often been wondering if there would be any gain in using libraries which use the gpu for encoding and decoding images on the Roxen platform, while this library already provides an impressive improvement on the cpu itself and even is completely compatible. I'm curious to find out what the impact when it's running on our platform.